What has the time come for in your life?

The Time Has Come to embark on a new chapter in your life!


Have you had enough of reliving the past and are ready to step into a new realm of opportunities, experiences, and deeper meanings for your life?
Break out of your old shell and begin a completely new chapter in your life today.

"If I only have 12 months left to live. Is this the life I want to be living?"

That was the question that was staring back at me in the mirror after finding an unwelcome lump on my body. 

Life can bring us some pretty challenging situations. Many of which ask us to re-evaluate our priorities and old ways of being. 

Most of us will need to reach this point of no return before we are willing to stop whatever we’re doing right now to embark on the opportunities that lie ahead of us.

A rare few will understand the opportunity they have to make that shift beforehand. 

Maybe that's you…

Have you reached your breaking point and are ready to say, 
"Enough is enough"?

Can you truly appreciate the sacredness of your life so you can avoid going down an unfulfilling self-perpetuating spiral…

And instead take a path of divine guidance to your highest potential?

We all have this capability within us. No one is excluded from this opportunity to choose a life of creation and fulfillment. 

You just need to find the courage to listen to what your heart is calling you to do and take the first step into uncovering the truth of your full potential…

Life will inevitably bring you the unexpected.

A loss of a loved one, being let go from the job you've had for over a decade, or even just the feeling your world is shrinking no matter what you do.

What is familiar to us always feels safe. Even if it's unhealthy or destructive for us in the long run. 

Days, months, and sometimes even years go by as we repeat the same patterns and habits that keep us trapped in the past.

We become anxious about what’s to come and let the fear of stepping outside our comfort zone dictate the outcome of our lives…

"It's just how life is…"

"That's just who I am…"

"I better avoid this risk, or else, who knows what could happen..."

But is that really all there is to life? Is it even possible to shift into a new reality, a new chapter of life?

The truth is that you have the power in this very moment to write a new story.

As you’re reading this, close your eyes and put your hand on your heart. 

Feel it beating and give yourself the space & silence to hear the whispers. 

Write down everything your heart is calling you to do, no matter how impossible it seems.

Now take a look at your notes. Feel the excitement? The happiness? The anxiety? Maybe some fear?

All it takes from here, is to gather up all the courage you have to take the first step on your newfound path!

You can take the reins of your life TODAY and free yourself from the same old habits that have been keeping you from manifesting your dreams. 

The Time Has Come to let go of the past and finally take that leap of faith to begin a new chapter in your life!

Imagine yourself entering a house party

Each room in that house is tailored for a specific purpose and connects you to open-minded people who have also joined that room. 
Let me show you around…

The Main Room
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In addition to that, you’ll get access to the video versions of my podcast “The Time Has Come” and “After-Party” virtual hangouts with podcast guests and members.

“Tuesday Reflections” Room
Start your Tuesday with the best of Graham’s inspirational writing. 
Every week you’ll get a new piece of writing with an accompanying video to inspire you to create a deeper and more meaningful relationship with your life. 

Coming soon Graham will be curating other insightful artists and poets to share even more inspirational content in this room.

The Founders Room
You’d like to get more involved and empower others with some of the discoveries you came across along your newfound path?

Double your access to Live Zoom calls with Graham where you get to share the insights you’ve learned throughout your journey and ask questions so we can help you overcome any roadblock you face as a community!

As a bonus, you’ll receive exclusive access to new merchandise and events.

The Green Room
Join the fun and get inside scoops, behind-the-scenes content, and special access to extended interviews! 

Share your thoughts on new adventures or special guests you’d like to see on the show in the Green Room. Your next suggestion might determine your next favorite guest for our upcoming podcast episodes!

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Why am I doing this?


Hello my friend, my name is Graham Wardle. 

You may know me as the actor who played Ty Borden in Canada's longest-running family drama, "Heartland."

After 14 years of bringing those television stories to life, my heart was calling me to take my own leap of faith.

Like you, I was feeling a pull in my heart to step out into the unknown and create a new path for myself. I wasn't sure where I was going or what was next. All I knew was that I had to make a shift.

It was shortly before I decided to move on that I was staring at myself in the bathroom mirror and I found  an unusual lump on my body. 

”Could this be cancerous? Was this really it for me? If I only had 12 months left to live, is this the life I want to be living?” 

It was this sobering thought that brought me back to the  sacredness of life. My priorities immediately shifted and I felt my heart call out to me.

It was at that moment I knew my life was not to be wasted ignoring what I was feeling in my heart. 

The time had come for me to take the leap of faith.

I spent the next 12 months wrapping up my involvement with the television show I was on while also navigating the ending of my marriage. These were some of the most psychologically and emotionally challenging days of my life… 

 And yet I was also finally able to feel my heart's calling again. 

After the dust settled and I was now on my own I sat in silence one winter morning with my hand on my heart. "What is my next step?" The silence was pure and blissfully full of potential. 

"The Time Has Come"

What followed was the birth of my podcast and later an expansion into weekly poetry and monthly group chats with my subscribers. 

I often ask my guests on my podcast, "What is your "Golden Ticket?”... “What is the reason you do what you do?" My Golden Ticket is seeing someone come back to the wonder and joy inside themselves that they had almost forgotten.

It brings me the deepest fulfillment and honour to creatively share what I've learned to rekindle this sense of wonder and joy within you. 

I promise that if you give yourself the space to listen, your heart will always guide you to the next step.  

I look forward to meeting you and learning about your own leap of faith, however big or small.

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